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If the disciple is truly attached to the Uttama Guru, this internal transformation will happen slowly but surely.

Nama Article 19th January 2013



By the immense Grace of our Guru Maharaj Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Jan 1st - Mass prayer in Vellore were attended by 6000+ devotees at the venue and the live webcast was viewed by 20000+ devotees in 44 Countries.


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For over a long period of time many Gurus and Sages have come and gone. There have been innumerable disciples for these Gurus. These disciples were, no doubt, devoted their Gurus, but when they move into the world, become hard-hearted, corrupt and materialistic. Why cant the Gurus not change at least 10% of their disciples?


Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


The 'Uttama' Guru will never try to perform any gimmicks or mesmerism to try to bring about a change in the disciple. That is the work of a magician and not of a Uttama Guru! The Adi Guru, Lord Dakshinamurthi Himself had only four disciples worth mentioning.


Goodness in any person is an attribute and is oriented towards action. This itself will not result in 'Mukti' (Liberation). In his great work "Viveka Chudamani", Adisankara Bhagavatpada has said that Mukti does not result from Dhaana (charity), Sankhya Yoga or through millions of Pranayama. It results solely from Jnana and this is possible only through the grace of the Guru.


Guru's grace is not an act in isolation but a natural result when he is extremely pleased and happy with the disciple. If that happens, the disciple is transformed spontaneously. For the disciple of a Uttama Guru, to be good, all his vasanas should be destroyed. This is a silent internal transformation and is done gradually within and not through force. This may not even be noticed by the disciple himself. If the disciple is truly attached to the Uttama Guru, this internal transformation will happen slowly but surely.


Please check these: Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


You may be the worst sinner, highly undisciplined; you may have committed all kinds of atrocities; yet, if a mahatma declares, "Oh, he is my child", that will suffice for you


Guru's boundless grace is immeasurable, limitless and infinite.


If we surrender ourselves absolutely without any reservation to the Guru, He will save us from all sorrow and show us the way to salvation


When a disciple leads his life with the clear understanding that it is the Guru who is running his life - adverse or otherwise, completely emptying the mind of personal likes and dislikes, seeing everything as Guru's leela, attains realization


The best offering that a disciple can give to the Guru is realizing that nothing else can equal his grace.


When can one earn Guru krupa? When God decides to bless a person, he receives Guru's grace. One has to be blessed with Bhakti; and that is blessed only by God/Guru.


To collect people living around one's home and help them chant the Lord's Name is verily service to the Guru. Or to follow the special instruction given to him/her by the Guru is verily 'service' to the Guru.

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