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By God’s grace and power everything is possible, if our prayers are really sincere.

Nama Article 7th August 2012

Source: Vision

Question: Sometimes in life we do not know what to do when we feel we are responsible for the mistakes some make on the spiritual path. We could have prevented them, but they do not listen to us. In such cases is it better to let them have the negative experiences with life than our interfering?

Swami Papa Ramdas

When Ramdas was once climbing up the Himalayas, a girl was coming down a slope on her return journey. She ran so fast that she lost control over herself and went near the precipice and was about to topple down the precipice and be killed. Ramdas was there at that critical time, but he could not do anything to help her. Ramdas prayed to God : "O God, save the girl!" She was saved! That is all we can do. This experience is given in his book "IN QUEST OF GOD". By God's grace and power everything is possible, if our prayers are really sincere.

We see daily so many are falling into temptations and so many are led into evil ways of life. What can we do? Can we persuade them not to do such things? Will they pay heed to our advice? Generally they don't. So the only thing we can do is to purify our heart and send waves of earnest love and goodwill to them. Before we can do good to others by our goodwill, let us first pray for ourselves and purify our heart and then become vehicles in the hands of God for His power to work through us for the uplift of others. So far as physical help is concerned, we cannot sometimes do much to prevent another's fall, but spiritual help is still more difficult to render. Spiritual help is the best help.

But in the name of spirituality and religion so many evils are done. This is really deplorable. If we are truly on the path that leads us to God, we must become morally and spiritually pure. On the other hand, we get into so many entanglements and say that we do so in the name of spirituality or religion. Spirituality and religion do not admit of our leading an erratic and immoral life. We must grow from purity to purity until we are fully illumined with the light, love and peace of God. This is the ultimate realisation, and we must have this alone in view and work up to the attainment of that supreme goal. All else is only talk and of no avail. We may call ourselves as belonging to this religion or that, this group or that, and as disciples of this person or that. But this will not do. What really counts is spiritual advancement based upon our inner purity and real transformation within us. Our outer life must bear out the fact of our highest spiritual experience. Our outer life must wear itself out in the service of God. This is the test by which we can know where we stand — not by what we call ourselves, but by what we really are.

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