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What can be attained through the chanting of Nãma (the Divine Name of the Lord) ?

Nama Article - 30th April 2007

What can be attained through the chanting of Nãma (the Divine Name of the Lord)?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

In the matter of Nãma one should not judge it as one does in the case of 'Ashttãnga' yoga, Karma, Dhyana, Vedanta Vichãra in which spiritual experiences are counted. They depend on the sadhana. But, this (chanting of Nãma) is based on the Lord's grace. Chanting the Divine Name of the Lord is the only thing to be done by us. The rest is taken care of by Him (the Lord).

Saturday, April 28, 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 28th April 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 28th April 2007

"Leaving Nama, there is no meaning in living"

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Friday, April 27, 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – 27th April 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – 27th April 2007

"The entire cosmic is a miracle! Everyone's body is a miracle! Everyone's life is a miracle! What other miracle do you need?"

-- Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What will Lord's Name do?

Nama article - 27th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

What will Lord's Name do?

There are arrows on which a mantra has been invoked ('prayoga'). And there are ordinary arrows, too. In Rãmayana we read that a 'Brahmãstra' was shot. We say that a Mantra was invoked on to an arrow and then the weapon was used. What is the difference between an ordinary weapon and the one on which a Mantra has been used? Whichever direction the victim may flee the weapon that bears the Mantra chases him and hits him. Whereas the ordinary arrow hits the victim only if he continued to stand still at the same place where the arrow was aimed at. Otherwise it would go up to the aimed spot and just fall down. The 'Mantra bearing' arrow chases him and does not rest till it hits the victim. Similarly, Nãma – Lord's Name - is like the arrow that bears the Mantra.

The day the Guru decides to initiate you into a Lord's Name ('Mantropadesa') it confirms that Lord has decided to take you Unto Himself. It is only because the Lord has decided to take you Unto Himself that you have received Guru Upadesa (initiation). What does this Lord's Name that is got through Guru Upadesa, do?

It starts chasing him! It chases him wherever he goes and does not rest until it takes him to the Lotus Feet of Lord.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 26th April 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 26th April 2007

"The Guru cannot be likened to a precious gem because the wealthy alone would be able to purchase it. The Guru can be likened to that rare life-giving herb which may grow by the roadside – yet, a panacea powerful enough to cure the disease of ‘samsara’; The genuine seeker alone will be able to spot it. "

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If not now, When?

Nama Article 26th April 2007

If not now, When?

Oh Mind! you have taken a human form,
If not now, when?

Oh Mind! you are blessed with faculty of reasoning,
If not now, when?

Oh Mind! the past you cannot reverse,
The future you are not sure of,
If not now, when?

Oh Mind! When Nama Dwaar is available,
If not now, when?

--- M.K. Ramanujam

So please start chanting NOW

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

and be happy for ever

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - April 25th 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - April 25th 2007

"God created men without bias, God created the world without bias, But men created God with bias."

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

How does a Sadhu argues the case of ordinary persons with the Lord?

Nama Article 25th April 2007

Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

When a Sãdhu demands of Lord to bestow liberation (Moksha) on a person he (the Sadhu) does not tell the Lord, "He is good. Give him liberation (Moksha)."


Does not Lord know if a person is virtuous or not?

The Mahãns tell Lord, "Do not take note of his 'guna' (virtue) or 'dosha' (vice/fault). Take note of only the fact that I have sent him."

At once the Lord gives the ticket of Moksha to that person.

The Sadhu (dares to) tells the Lord, "Take him unto Yourself! You need not analyse on the virtue or any other background of the jiva being sent to you. Take note of only one fact - that he has taken refuge in a Mahatma, had attended a Satsang, listened to your stories, chanted your Divine Name."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Essence of Srimad Bhãgavatam

Nama Article 24th April 2007

Essence of Srimad Bhãgavatam

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

" The essence of Srimad Bhãgavatam is Chanting the Divine Name. 'Mimãmsa' means enquiry ('vichãram'). Let us suppose a person has composed a great work and it is too big for us to read but we wish to know the essence of it. We read the introduction and then the conclusion. This is 'upakrama' 'upasamhãra' vidhi (rule). In 'mimãmsa' to arrive at the 'tãtparyam' (quintessence) one sees what is said in the beginning and the end and what the Text has repeatedly spoken about. Only through this, one arrives at the conclusion that the opinion of the Text is such and such. Though the Bhãgavatam speaks of Krishna, speaks of the greatness of Sadhus and begins with, "Janmãdyasya", it ends as "Nãma Sankîrtanam Yasya Sarva Pãpa Pranãsanam".

Srimad Bhãgavatam has come into existence only to show that the one and only way (to liberation) in Kali is Nãma Sankîrtanam (Chanting the Divine Name).

Srimad Bhãgavatam contains 18000 Slokãs -

The last sloka is:

'Nãma Sankîrtanam Yasya Sarva Pãpa Pranãsanam,
Pranãmo Dukhashamanah Tam Namãmi Harim Param.'

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - April 24th 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - April 24th 2007

"A kind-hearted gentleman has permitted us to reside in his premises. Not only has he been magnanimous enough to accommodate us, but he has also ensured that our stay is most pleasurable in every way possible. Any man with a conscience would feel that the least he can do in return is be of some use to that gentleman. Wouldn't he? Likewise, God has housed us in this wonderful, magnificent world. He has taken such meticulous care to ensure that our stay is comfortable in every possible manner. Do we not owe it to God to be of some use to Him and make Him happy? The only way to make Him happy is to chant the Maha Mantra and make others chant too "

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Sunday, April 22, 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 22nd April 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - 22nd April 2007

"If your mind does not rest in the Self, you will be restless."

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Nama kirtan even after liberation

Name Article - 23rd April 2007

Nama kirtan even after liberation

Excerpts from discourse of Sri Sri Swamiji

Once a man asked Papa Ramadas,

"You are still chanting the Divine Name. Have you seen Bhagavaan?

If you have, then where is the need for continuing to do the japa?"

Papa Ramadas gave a wonderful answer, which I like very much. It was a place where a river was mingling with the sea.

Papa Ramadas asked him, "Has this river mingled with the sea?"

The man said, "Yes!"

Papa Ramadas, "Well! Is the river still flowing?"

The man, "Yes. It is still flowing."

Papa Ramadas, "You say that the river is flowing but also say that it has mingled with the sea. How is it possible?"

What a wonderful reply to the question put forth? Papa Ramadas explained his state with an apt illustration.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

What is the greatness of Bhakthi?

Nama Article 21st April 2007


Since you stress a lot on the path of devotion (Bhakthi).... What is the greatness of Bhakthi?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

If a person says that he is unable to do Yogam (by pranayamam etc.) or meditation , or self enquiry or Vedic Karma, there is some rationale in what he says. But nobody can say that he is unable to do Bhakthi. He can realize God easily , just by chanting one name of God incessantly.

This, is the greatness of Bhakthi

"This name and that name might come and go, but the Divine Name is Eternal"

-- Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mahathma Ghandhi on conservation of vital force through Nama japa

Nama article 20th April 2007

Mahathma Ghandhi on conservation of vital force:

Never let your mind remain idle. Keep it filled with good and useful ideas. In other words keep thinking of whatever duty you have on hand. There need be no worry about it, but think out how you can become an expert in your department and then put your thoughts into action. There should be no waste of thought. Japa ( repetition of God's name) is a great support when idle thoughts haunt you. Contemplate God in the form you have pictured Him unless you know Him as formless. While japa is going on, no other thought should be allowed to enter one's mind. This is the ideal state. But if one cannot reach it and all sorts of uninvited thoughts invade one's mind, one should not become disheartened. Namajapa should be continued faithfully and in the confidence that ultimate victory is bound to follow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


"To Imitate is poisonous"

Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar of Tiruvannamalai

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Start the day with Nama, fill the day with Nama, end the day with Nama!


Start the day with Nama, fill the day with Nama, end the day with Nama!

-- Swami Sivananda Maharaj of Rishikesh

Divine Name for trouble-free life

Nama Article 18th April 2007


"I am doing japa of Bhagavan Nãma (Divine Name of the Lord). Will this lead to a trouble-free life? Mahans who have attained the highest state through Bhagavan Nãma have also undergone many tribulations in life?"

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

"Through Bhagavan Nãma one can do away with the tribulations of life. Or if he faces any problem he will be able to know the reason behind it. Mahans are aware that it is good to live through one's 'prãrabda' (destined happenings) in life.

Therefore, they accept it knowingly. Moreover, these happenings will not affect them."

Why is the Divine Name of 'Rama' known as 'Tãraka Mantra'?

Nama Article - 16th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Why is the Divine Name of 'Rama' known as 'Tãraka Mantra'?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

'Tãraka' means to help one cross. It refers to helping one cross the ocean of life ('samsãra'). Life consists of duals such as joy and sorrow, righteousness and unrighteousness, merit and sin, good and evil, etc.

The 'Tãraka Mantra' leads one to a state beyond this dual state. Vedanta glorifies and gives prominence to the 'Pranava Mantra' (" OM").

The whole of Mãndukya Upanishad speaks only of the glory of the 'Pranava'.

'Rama' Nãm (the Divine Name 'Rama') or the Mantra is as great as the 'Pranava Mantra', in all respects.

If we chant 'Rama' with our mind set on Lord Rama it would lead us to Lord Rama. If we chant 'Rama' fixing our mind on the sound it would lead us to the Atman. Such is the glory of the 'Tãraka Mantra' i.e. Rama Nãm.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

How to attain the highest state of God-realization - Easiest Path

Nama Article 16th April 2007

Can we attain the highest state of God-realization, only by singing the names and glory of God?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

Yes, Yes and Yes.. Most certainly Yes. Don't even have an inkling of doubt on this.

Throwing the butter in one's hand, mistaking it to be slaked lime..............

Nama Article 15th April 2007

To eschew Hari Nama in the pursuit of other Sadhanas, is like throwing the butter in one's hand, mistaking it to be slaked lime and search around for ghee.

Chanting the names of Hari is the easiest and the most effective path in this age.

Lord should desire to take you unto Him

Nama Article - 14th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

When hungry, a little cold rice with curd would suffice to appease it. But, would this do in a marriage party?

Similarly, in the case of the worst kind of a sinner it would suffice if he would utter 'Govinda!' just once. He would surely attain to God after death.

But, if you desire to 'see' God in this lifetime itself then you should chant His Name incessantly.

You may do crores of japa, dhaya; do anything; but, unless Bhagavãn Wills to take you unto Him no amount of your sadhana will bear fruit. You desire to go to someone's home. You keep telling him of your desire. But, is it possible to go there unless he invites you? He has to invite you. Thus, Bhagavãn should desire to take you unto Him. This is the reason that Mahatmas say that Bhagavãn's Grace is needed.

GLORY OF DIVINE NAME by Sri Swami Sivananda

Nama article 13th April 2007

Sri Swami Sivananda

The Name of God, chanted correctly or incorrectly, knowingly or unknowingly, carefully, is sure to give the desired result. Just as burning quality is natural to and inherent in fire, so also, the power of destroying sins with their very root and branch, and bringing the aspirant into blissful union with the Lord through Bhava-Samadhi, is natural to and inherent in the Name of God.
The glory of the Name of God cannot be established through reasoning and intellect. It can be experienced or realized only through devotion, faith and constant repetition of the Name.
There is a Sakti or power in every word. If you utter the word 'excreta' or 'urine' when your friend is taking his meals, he may at once vomit his food.

If you think of 'Garam Pakoda', 'hot Pakoda' (fried delicacies), your tongue will get salivation.

When anyone suddenly shouts 'Scorpion! Scorpion!', 'Snake! Snake!', you at once apprehend the scorpion or the snake and jump in fright.

Even as the name of a thing in this world generates the consciousness of that thing in the mind, the Name of God generates God-consciousness in the purified mind and becomes the direct cause of the realization of the Highest Perfection or God.
When anyone calls you a 'donkey' or an 'ass', you are annoyed and you show anger.

If anyone says, "You are a nice person," you smile.

When such is the power of the names of the ordinary things of this world, what tremendous power should there be in the Name of God!

God is the completion or the fullness of existence.

1. Hence, the Name which denotes Him, too, is full and perfect.
2. Therefore, the power of the Name of God is incalculable, for it is the height or the zenith of power.
3. The Name of God can achieve anything. There is nothing impossible for it.
4. It is the means to the realization of God Himself.
5. Even as the name of a thing in this world generates the consciousness of that thing in the mind, the Name of God generates God-consciousness in the purified mind and becomes the direct cause of the realization of the Highest Perfection or God.

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Clue to quieten the mind

Nama Article 12th April 2007

Here is one of the clues to quieten the mind, given by Papa Ramdas:

"The mind that listens with love to the Divine Name is at once arrested.

It stops its distracting activities and becomes completely still.

Stillness is achieved by regaling the mind with the sweetness of Ramnam."


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

and be happy

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY 11th April 2007


If you want something from someone, you have to make him happy. Only then you will receive what you want. Similarly, if you want God's grace, you should make Him happy, and the easiest way to do that is by chanting the Maha Mantra!

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don't even look at one who just eats and sleeps without uttering the Name of the Lord

Nama Article - 11th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

'Yoganidrãn … rahitãm. 'Dhik! Dhik! Dhik! yetã narãn'

Don't even look at one who just eats and sleeps without uttering the Name of the Lord. 'Dhik! Dhik! Yetã narãn.'

Bhagavãn has given you all the faculties. The Lord has blessed you with eyes, ears, mouth, hands, legs, etc. Should you not utter the Divine Name? Would you get the human birth again? Human birth is a great blessing, indeed! Is it easily attained? The python keeps swallowing the prey (say an ox or some other animal). It takes two or three days to swallow the prey completely. If I am of 45 years of age now it means that Yama the python has swallowed 45 years of my lifetime. Just sometime is left. But I cannot get back the time gone by. I may think, 'well! I will do my japa, dhyana tomorrow.' But is my life assured for the morrow? So, every day, every hour, every moment is precious. Therefore, who is the wicked? Not the one who snatches away your property but 'Time'. The time lost cannot be gained back. Death awaits you. If you say that you would do japa, dhyana after death in the 'loka' that you might attain - well! You cannot do japa or dhyana there. Whichever place you attain - heaven or hell - you will have to undergo the enjoyment bestowed or the punishments meted out there. And, once they are undergone you will be pushed out. If you fail to make use of the freedom ('swatantra') here you will not be able to achieve the required goal. (Chant the Lord's Name).

The Path of the Divine Name

Title: 'Nãma Mãrgam' (the Path of the Divine Name)
Author:Sri Charansingh ji Maharaj
Publisher:Radhaswami Satsanga, Beas

Sri Charansingh ji Maharaj says, "The matchstick has fire within it. But we are not able to see it, and so not able to make use of the fire. We will not be able to see the fire as long as we do not scratch the matchstick against the match box walls by discovering this fact using our intellect. In the same way, Nãma always rings in our hearts. It rings in the hearts of the Sãdhus just as it does, in the hearts of bandits. There is no discrimination based on place, caste, religion etc.

Different Mahãns from different places, castes and religions have tried to induce in us, the quest to attain the only spiritual concept namely, the Divine Name. It is the same 'Nãma' that Sikhs term as 'Hari Kirtan', Sages call as 'Rama Nãma', Islamic preachers call as 'inner voice' and the Christ calls as 'plasms'.

Just as fire is hidden in the matchstick, the Lord has hidden the treasure of Nãma within us and has given the its secret to our Guru. Rather than reading different texts using our mind and intellect, the only way to attain God is by surrendering unto the lotus feet of Mahãtmas, getting the Upadesa and performing Nãma Japa continuously."

God's Name is superior than God's form

Nama Article - 9th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji during Namasankirtan in a devotee's home said, pointing to the (clay) idol of Krishna placed there -

"When a person looks at the idol of Krishna he might feel that he is looking at only a toy Krishna.

And, when he happens to touch it he might feel that he is touching only a toy Krishna.

Nonetheless, when he is asked to utter the Name of Krishna ( Krishna!) he at once feels that he
is uttering the Name of God! He does not feel that he is uttering the name of just a toy Krishna.

This is the power of the words from within! When one needs to get into the waters, he should have known to swim.

However, swimming has to be learnt by getting into the water. The imprints of lust anger and fear are destroyed only by Bhakti. But in order to acquire Bhakti, one should try to stay away from lust anger and fear."

Chanting the Name of Răma is the only way out in this Age of Kali

Nama Article - 8th April 2007

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji's Song in Tamil:

'Neelamegha shyamala' tune

1. Răma Nămam cholvade Kaliyil gadiyăm!
adaiyum marandăl ado gadiyăm!

2. Răma Nămam cholla cholla nanmai perugume! -- năvum yinikkume!
pămaran mudal panditan varai punidam ăkkume!

3. Sivanum Părvathiyum chollum nămamăm!
kavalaiyai pokki sănti nalgumăm!

4. Răma Nămam cholli Anuman kadalaith thăndinăn! -- malaiyai thookkinăn!
malai ponra dukkhamum panipol vilagumăm!

5. Răma Nămam cholli Sabari mukti yeidinăl!
Nămamum Nămiyum veruveru illave illaiyăm!

6. Răma Nămam cholvadarkku yenda thadaiyum illaiyăm!
cholla cholla tadaigall ellăm thăne vilagumăm!


The Translation:

1. Chanting the Name of Răma is the only way out in this Age of Kali!
if one cannot do even this (simple thing) one has no way out at all!

2. Repeated chanting of the Name of Răma enhances prosperity! -- sweetens the tongue, too!
it purifies all - from the common man to the scholar!

3. It is the Name that Lord Siva and His Consort Părvati chant!
that removes sorrow and bestows peace!

4. Chanting the Name of Răma, Hanuman crossed the ocean! -- and, lifted the mountain!
mountain sized sorrows melt away like the fog!

5. Chanting the Name of Răma, Sabari attained Liberation!
the Name and the Named are not different!

6. there is no barrier for chanting the Name of Răma!
all barriers are removed as one repeatedly chants the Name of Răma!

Bhagawan Nama Bodendra Swamigal on Nama offenders

Nama Article - 7th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Bodendra swami, in His 'Bhagavan Nama rasodayam' says angrily, 'do you think it the Name of some Tom, Dick and Harry? It is verily the Name of the Lord of the Universe ('Jagadeeshwara's Name)!

Hey! Do you think that Rama, Krishna is the name of some loiters on the street!

It is verily the Name of the Supreme One - the one who creates, sustains and rests it in Himself.

It is verily the Name of that Supreme One ('Paramãtma')! If someone abuses or does 'artha vadam' of Bhagavan Nama go take a dip with your clothing on.

Do not have anything to do with such people.' In 'Bhagavan Nama Rasodayam' Bodendra swami deplores these offenders. He questions, 'is the Name of Vasudeva such a trivial thing?'

Kanchi Mahaperiva on Rama Nama

Nama article - 6th April 2007

Kanchi Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal (Maha Periyava)

"Rama Nãma is divine nectar. Ramayana is divine nectar. Rama Himself is divine nectar. Don't we even name (a child) 'Ramãmrutham'? Can you find the name 'Krishnamrutham' or 'Sivãmrutham'? Well! How is it that in Rama alone is found this sweetness of nectar? Was He not born off 'pãyasam'? Did not Kausalya conceive and give birth to Him after drinking the holy 'pãyasa' prasad that was received during the 'putra kãmeshtti yãga'? Does not Purandara dasa sing, 'Rama Nãma payasakke' (to the 'pãyasa' of Rama's Name)? We speak of the very Name of Rama tasting sweet like the sugar candy. Is not sugar candy the sweet got out of squeezing sugarcane!

Innumerable poets have sung on Rama or the whole Ramayana in all the languages of the country. What is the reason for this? Though there be any number of sweet dishes viz. laddu, jilebi, halwa, etc., is not sugar the one basic ingredient to be added to them all?

It is verily Rama who is that sugar!"

All in one solution is Namakirtan

Nama article - 5th April 2007

Excerpts from discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Let us take the plantain tree. Someone takes the unripe plantain and cooks 'curry' out of it. Someone chooses to eat the banana. Someone takes the leaf for use while someone takes its bark for some use.

This plantain tree is useful in various ways as per your need. But someone brings the whole plantain tree to his backyard. What happens? He can have everything as and when he needs them.

In the same way, God is sought for obtaining job, for marriage, for begetting a child, for education, for wealth and various other reasons. But, if we bring God Himself to our homes, we will get everything that we need.

Wherever Nãma is sung, there is verily God Himself. The more Nãma you chant, Bhagavãn comes to stay in your heart. He stays within you and thus, is ever with you. All the essentials for this life and spiritual are obtained through Nãma.

Therefore, always keep chanting Bhagavan Nãma. While you wait at the bus stop to go to your college or place of work, chant Bhagavan Nãma. As you travel in the bus, chant His Nãma. At every opportunity, chant His Nãma. Everything will turn out to be good.

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There is no use of just speaking of taking medicine but one should actually take it

Nama article - 4th April 2007

Excerpts from discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

In Mãrgazhi month, we sing Ãndãl's Thiruppãvai. In this She sings, 'Pãrkadalul paiyanthuyinra Paraman adi pãdi' - 'pãdi' means sing. 'Paraman adi' - The Feet of the Lord. Sing the Feet of the Lord.

In yet another verse She sings, 'Vãyinãl pãdi manadinãl sindikka' - Sing and think of Him. 'Sing! Sing!' - She repeatedly advises, in Thiruppãvai. Only through singing Him, can you attain Bhagavãn easily.

It is a very easy path. Bhagavãn likes this path. If you sing His Name you will be bestowed with everything - job, wealth, marriage and the home where His Nãma is sung, there is peace. The home where His Nãma is sung becomes pure. The only solution for all problems is Bhagavan Nãma.

There is no use of searching for a solution outside for all your problems. When you are ill you have to take medicine.

There is no use of just speaking of taking medicine but one should actually take it.

And here we are caught up in 'Bhava roga' - the 'disease of life' for which the only medicine is Bhagavan Nãma (Name of the Lord). Therefore, sing His Name!

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Thirumangai Ãzhwãr gives a big list about fruits of Namakirtan

Nama article - 3rd April 2007

Excerpts from discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Thirumangai Ãzhwãr sings,

"Kulam tharum, selvam thandidum,
adiyãr paduthuyar ãyinavellãm Nilantharam seiyyum,
neellvisumbarullum, arulodu perunilam allikkum
Valantharum matrum thandidum
pertra thãyinum ãyina seyyum
Nalam tharum sollai nãn kandukonden 'Nãrãyana' enum Nãmam!'

What will you get by chanting the Lord's Name (Nãmam) ? ALL! You will be blessed with everything. The Lord's Name will bestow you with good family, wealth; solve all your problems, take you to great heights, bestow you with heaven and confer on you all other good things. It will take care of you more than a mother.

'Nalam tharum' - You will be blessed with only what is good for you.

'Nalam tharum sollai nãn kandukonden Nãrãyana enum Nãmam'- I have realized the word that will bestow me auspiciousness and that is the Nãma (The Lord's Name)!"

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Sant Kabir enquires "How to evade unhappiness?"

Nama Article - 2nd April 2007

Sant Kabir says

Dukh mein sumiran sab kare, sukh mein kare na koye

Jo sukh mein sumiran kare, so Dukh kaahe ko hoye

In times of unhappiness and hardships everyone remembers and calls God; "Oh God! Save me!" But in times of happiness no one calls God.

But if one remembers God by chanting the God's Name during happy moments itself, Kabir asks, "How can they ever be unhappy?"

Lets all chant the Name and begin the great week ahead !!

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God's name destroys sin

Nama article 30th March 2007

God's name destroys sin

DEVOTEE : "Sir, we are sinners. What will happen to us?"

SRI RAMAKRISHNA : "All the sins of the body flyaway if one chants the name of God and sings His glories. The birds of sin dwell in the tree of the body. Singing the name of God is like clapping your hands. As, at a clap of the hands, the birds in the tree flyaway, so do our sins disappear at the chanting of God's name and glories.

"Again, you find that the water of a reservoir dug in a meadow is evaporated by the heat of the sun. Likewise, the water of the reservoir of sin is dried up by the singing of the name and glories of God.

"You must practise it every day. The other day, at the circus, I saw a horse running at top speed, with an Englishwoman standing on one foot on its back. How much she must have practised to acquire that skill!

"Weep at least once to see God.

"These, then, are the two means: practice and passionate attachment to God, that is to say, restlessness of the soul to see Him."

Sins do not affect a person who chants the name of Hari incessantly

Nama Article - 29th March 2007

Sins do not affect a person who chants the name of Hari incessantly.

He becomes wealthy too. Is there a simpler way than this to attain God?

Don't think of making your body and mind pure before chanting the Divine Name.

That is the very reason for chanting the divine name! Nama Kirtan has no rules!

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Glory of Rama Nama

Excerpts from the discourse of our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

There are primarily two kinds of Bhaktas viz Vishnu Bhaktas and Shiva Bhaktas. The former chant the Mantra, "Naarayana", while the latter chant the Mantra, "Nama sivaaya." Nama Sivaaya is like the pendent placed in the center of the Rudram which is in the center of Yajur Veda. Thayagaraja Swami explains how the Mantra "Rama" came to be. If the letter "Ra" is removed from "Naarayana" it reads as Naayana, which means "the one who has no refuge!" If the letter "ma' from Nama Sivaaya is removed it reads as "Nasivaaya" that means "the one which is inauspicious." Thus the key words (Jivakshara) of these two important mantras are "Ra" and "Ma." Hence by taking these two key letters the Mantra "Rama" has been coined. This is said in Manusmriti too.
Thus the Name Rama contains both Narayana and Nama Sivaaya.

All mantras are contained in Rama Nama. How?

Sage Viswamithra had performed japa of innumerable mantras, crores and cores of times and attained "saakshaatkaara" of all those devathas. When one desires to give something to someone whom he loves the most, he gives the best thing in his possession. If one possesses wealth he offers that. If he is man of physical strength he tries to use it for others. Now sage Viswamithra possesses innumerable mantras and so it was that the Sage desired to offer to his beloved disciple Rama. As soon as the Sage offered Upadesa of each mantra and immediately after Rama uttered it once the devadha would appear before Rama immediately and after having come none were prepared to leave Rama! Hence Rama decided to install (Aavahanam) all the devadas in his body. So the Rama Nama contains all the potent mantras.

Excerpts from the discourse of our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Parvathi thought that there are some many persons who cannot chant the 1000 names of the Lord and what is the easiest way that all can follow. Out of this sheer compassion Parvathi asked her consort Lord Siva about this. Atonce Lord Shiva said "it is enough if one chants the name "Rama." It is equivalent to have chanted all the 1000 names of the Lord. Such is the glory of the Name "Rama"

Mahatma Gandhiji says about Rama Nama

Mahatma Gandhiji says about Rama Nama

Though my reason and heart long ago realized the highest attribute and name of God as Truth, I recognize Truth by the name of Rama. In the darkest hour of my trial, that one name has saved me and is still saving me. It may be the association of childhood, it may be the fascination that Tulsidas has wrought on me.

But the potent fact is there, and as I write these lines, my memory revives the scenes of my childhood, when I used daily to visit the Ramji Mandir adjacent to my ancestral home. My Rama then resided there. He saved me from many fears and sins. It was no superstition for me.

When as a child, my nurse taught me to repeat Ramanama whenever I felt afraid or miserable, and it has been second nature with me with growing knowledge and advancing years. I may even say that the Word is in my heart, if not actually on my lips, all the twenty-four hours. It has been by saviour and I am ever stayed on it.

How many times should I chant the Name of the Lord?

Nama Article - 23rd March 2007

How many times should I chant the Name of the Lord?

You have to chant the Name of the Lord till you get the grace the Lord!!

When will I get the grace of the Lord?

A child tries to get a toy that is placed beyond its reach. It never stops trying even after understanding that it can never get the same by its effort. It just keeps on looking at the mother and pretends that it is making a hard try to get the toy that it wants. Its intention is to get the mercy of its mother who only can help it get the toy.

Likewise we need to chant the Name incessantly till we get the Grace of the Lord!

This is prayer. Prayer is to get the attention of the Lord.

How far is Liberation?

Nama Article - 22 March 2007

How far is Liberation?

Peria dasar, a true devotee, posed a question in the house of learned pandits, " How far is Vaikunda (Heavenly abode of Lord) ?" The learned pandits tried their hands in various sastras and tried to calculate the distance. Each one gave different answers. Then Peria dasar said "This is a simple answer! Its just at a calling distance !" When others enquired how? He replied that "Did not Gajendra (the elephant king) and Ajamila (a sinner) attained salvation just by chanting the Name!" Our scriptures also say that one attains liberation if he chants the Name at last breath. From this one understand that Salvation is at a calling distance when we Chant the Name of the Lord. A reserved seat awaits in the Heavenly abode of the Lord for all those who Chant the Name NOW.


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

and reserve you seat today
Nama Article - 20th March 2007

Source: The Jap Ji - The Message of Guru Nanak

It is from this Word that the whole creation springs up and returns to It on its dissolution. It is resounding within all of us and man's body is verily God's living temple. The saints of all denominations speak of the same, as the only means by which to reach the ultimate Reality.

The Mohammedans call It "Bang-i-Asmani" or the Voice coming from the Heaven. Shamas Tabrez and Khawaja Hafz Shirazi speak of the same as has already been quoted in the introduction. The Hindus express the same by the words "Nad" (Music of the Spheres), "Akaslz Bani" (the Voice coining from the heavens) and "Udgit" (Music of the Beyond).

St. John , in the Bible, defined it thus:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
All things were made by Him, and without Him was nothing made that was made."


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

and be happy
Nama Article - 18th March 2007

"Source: The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna"

Power of God's name

Sri Ramakrishna says "Worldly people will never listen to you if you ask them to renounce everything and devote themselves whole-heartedly to God. Therefore Chaitanya and Nitai, after some deliberation, made an arrangement to attract the worldly. They would say to such persons, 'Come, repeat the name of Hari, and you shall have a delicious soup of magur fish and the embrace of a young woman.' Many people, attracted by the fish and the woman, would chant the name of God. After tasting a little of the nectar of God's hallowed name, they would soon realize that the 'fish soup' really meant the tears they shed for love of God, while the 'young woman' signified the earth. The embrace of the woman meant rolling on the ground in the rapture of divine love.

"Nitai would employ any means to make people repeat Hari's name. Chaitanya said: 'The name of God has very great sanctity. It may not produce an immediate result, but one day it must bear fruit. It is like a seed that has been left on the cornice of a building. After many days the house crumbles, and the seed falls on the earth, germinates, and at last bears fruit.'
Nama Article 15th March 2007

Excerpts from a discourse by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Remember the lord by chanting the Hare Rama Mahamantra always.

Just as when there is a heavy rain fall we take an umbrella and go on doing our work in the factory, in the field, wherever we go. We go where ever we want to by holding the umbrella and that protects us from the pouring rain.

Though the rain is falling, still we do our work. We are not affected by the rain much.

Similarly we have got many problems all around. The divine name is just like a divine umbrella that protects us from the rainfall of problems and miseries that we face in our day to day like.

Catch hold of this divine Name and go on doing your work in the world.


"Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"

and be happy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nama Article - March 14th 2007
Srimad Bhãgavatam

yathaagadam viiryatamam upayuktam yadruchchaya
ajaanathopyaatma gunam kuryaan mantropyudaahruta II

Just as a medicine possessing the highest potency is sure to produce its salutary effect even on one who is unaware of its efficacy, though taken by a chance, sodoes the Lord’s Name (which is as holy as any sacred text or formula) reveal its efficacy (in the shape of wiping out all one’s sins) even in the case of him who is unaware of it, when uttered by him even casually.
Nama Article 12th March 2007

Excerpts from a discourse by Sri Sri Swamiji

One of the pontiffs of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, Sri Bhagawan Naama Bodendra Saraswathi Swamigal, has coined the Rama Naama Sidhantha. In order to stress the Power of the utterance of a single Name of the Lord, the Swamigal has said that a single Name is so powerful that one cannot commit as many sins as it can erase even if he were to take a vow to commit only sins. Just as an arrow travelling towards its target, the Naama does not stop its work until it shows God to us.

What is the use of only sins being erased? The Naama Japam has the power to change our ways to the extent that no impure thought arises in us and thus purifies us thoroughly.

Though the Sun's rays are spread equally all over, yet when they are passed through a lens thus directing them through a single point they have the power to burn up the object directed at. Likewise, by chanting a particular Name of the Lord repeatedly single-pointedness of the mind is achieved.
Nama Article 12th March 2007

Excerpts from a discourse by Sri Sri Swamiji

In Kali yuga it is not possible for people to do any hard sadhana. It is only out of compassion that this 'Bhagavan Nãma Mantra has been blessed to all.

Once a Vaishnava devotee came visiting Bhagavãn Yogi Ram Surat Kumar.

He asked Bhagavãn, "Are you an Advaiti or a Visishtadwaiti?"

Bhagavãn questioned back, "Who was the founder of Advaita and who was the founder of Visishtadwaita?"

The devotee said, "Adi Sankara and Ramanuja"

Bhagavãn shot back, "Do you mean to say that there was no Advaita before Adi Sankara and no Visishitadwaita before Ramanuja?"(!)

The devotee blinked!

Bhagavãn continued, "Where does Advaita and Visishtadwaita differ?"

He could not answer.

Bhagavãn, "Do you know 'Vadagalai' and 'Thengalai' 'sampradãya (tradition)?"

The man remained silent, as he did not know the answer. It was the same to all the other questions regarding the founders of the above 'sampradãya' and several other questions shot at him by Yogi.

Yogi then said to him, "Advaita and Visishtadwaita are for my Masters like Ramana Maharishi and Papa Ramadas. For you and for this beggar Rama Nãm is enough. Get out!"
Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Swamiji

We have fallen into this gutter of a 'samsãra'. It is out of sheer compassion that they lean down to look at us. They tell us, "Oh! Child! You have fallen into this gutter. Let me help you out of it!"
But, what does the one inside say?

He says, "Oh! Swami! You desire to lift me out. But, what if you fall into it while trying to lift me out?"

This is because he is unable to develop faith in the Guru.

The Mahan says, "Don't you think that I value my life? If there were the risk of my falling down, would I offer to lift you up? I have the tapas to lift lakhs of such people. Do not worry on that account."

Now, the man in the ditch while believing in the strength of the Mahan begins to doubt the strength of the rope that is being thrown down to hold for climbing up.

The Mahan says, "Please look at the trademark of the rope! One should fear only a new path.

The path that is being shown is Nama Sankirtan –

It is by chanting only this that innumerable Mahans attained the highest state. This is the path that was followed by the Ãzhwãrs (the 12 ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu), the Nãyanmãrs (the 63 ardent devotees of Lord Siva), Thiagaraja Swami, Bodendral, etc. Innumerable Panduranga Bhaktas have attained the Lord through Nama japa and Nama kirtan. If I advocate a new path it should instill fear in you. But, innumerable Mahans have followed this. Therefore, hold on to it tight."

The man asks further, "Would you ask for 'dakshina' (fee) once I come up?"

The Mahan says, "The satisfaction of having helped you out will suffice. I need no other 'dakshina' other than your coming out of this!"
"Source: The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna"

Nama Article - 7th March 2007

Sin and God's name

SUB-JUDGE : "Sir, I am a sinner. How can I say that God dwells in me?"

SRI RAMAKRISHNA : "That's the one trouble with you Brahmos. With you it is always sin and sin!
That's the Christian view, isn't it? Once a man gave me a Bible. A part of it was read to me, and it was full of that one thing-sin and sin! One must have such faith that one can say: 'I have uttered the name of God; I have repeated the name of Rama or Hari. How can I be a sinner?' One must have faith in the glory of God's name."

SUB-JUDGE : "Sir, how can one have such faith?"

SRI RAMAKRISHNA : "Have passionate love for God. One of your Brahmo songs says:

O Lord, is it ever possible to know Thee without love,
However much one may perform worship and sacrifice?

Pray to God in secret and with yearning, that you may have that passionate attachment and devotion to Him. Shed tears for Him. A man sheds a jugful of tears because his wife is sick or because he is losing money or because he is worrying about getting a job. But tell me, who ever weeps for God?'

Power of God's name

Dr. Sreenath had a copy of the Gita in his hand.
DR. SREENATH (to his friends): "Everything is under the control of Prakriti. Nobody can escape the fruit of past action. This is called prarabdha."
SRI RAMAKRISHNA : "Why, if one chants the name of God, meditates on Him, and takes refuge in Him-"
DR. SREENATH : "But, sir, how can one escape prarabdha, the effect of action performed in previous births?"
SRI RAMAKRISHNA : "No doubt a man experiences a little of the effect; but much of it is cancelled by the power of God's name. A man was born blind of an eye. This was his punishment for a certain misdeed he had committed in his past birth, and the punishment was to remain with him for six more births. Be, however, took a bath in the Ganges, which gives one liberation. This meritorious action could not cure his blindness, but it saved him from his future births
Nama Article - 6th March 2007

This quotation comes from a short work by Namdev entitled 'The Philosophy of the Divine Name' and the full text is given below. Sri Ramana Maharishi saw it in 1937 from an article in the September number of Vision, a monthly journal issued by the Anandasram, Kanhangadand.

For the last thirteen years of his life he kept a copy of it on a small bookshelf by his bed. He frequently read it out when visitors asked him about the nature and usefulness of Japa and from the number of times he spoke of it with approval it is reasonable to assume that he fully endorsed its contents.


I. The Name permeates densely the sky and the lowest regions and the entire universe. Who can tell to what depths in the nether regions and to what height in the heavens It extends? The ignorant undergo the eighty-four lakhs of species of births, not knowing the essence of things. Namdev says the Name is immortal. Forms are innumerable, but the Name is all that.

II. The Name itself is form; and form itself is Name. There is no distinction between Name and form. God became manifest and assumed Name and form. Hence the Name the Vedas have established. Beware, there is no mantra beyond the Name. Those who say otherwise are ignorant. Namdev says the Name is Keshava Himself. This is known only to the loving devotees of the Lord.

III. The all-pervading nature of the Name can only be understood when one recognises his 'I'. When one's own name is not recognised, it is impossible to get the all-pervading Name. When one knows oneself, then one finds the Name everywhere. To see the Name as different from the Named creates illusion. Namdev says, "Ask the Saints."

IV. None can realise the Name by practice of knowledge, meditation or austerity. Surrender yourself first at the feet of the Guru and learn to know that 'I' myself is that Name. After finding the source of that 'I', merge your individuality in that one-ness, which is Self-existent and devoid of all duality. That which pervades beyond dwaita and dwaitatita, that Name has come into the three worlds. The Name is Para Brahman itself, where there is no action arising out of duality.

Source: Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, Volume III, 25th January. 1938, Talk 448.
Nama Article - 5th March 2007
From: THE VISION March 07

Pierre Ceresole, a mathematician, once remarked to Gandhiji about Japa: "This repetition of one and the same thing over and over again jars on me. It may be the defect of my rationalist mathematical temperament. But somehow I cannot like the repetition. For instance, even Bach's wonderful music fails to appeal to me when the text 'Father, forgive them, they know not what they do', is repeated over and over again."

Gandhiji: "But even in mathematics, you have your recurring decimals".

Pierre: "But each recurs with a definite new fact".

Gandhiji: "Even so, each repetition, or Japa as it is called, has a new meaning, each repetition carries you nearer and nearer to God. This is a concrete fact, and I may tell you that you are here talking to no theorist, but to one who has experienced what he says every minute of his life, so much so that it is easier for the life to stop than for this incessant process to stop. It is a definite need of the soul."

Pierre: "I quite see it, but for the average man it becomes an empty formula."

Gandhiji: "I agree, but the best thing is liable to be abused. There is room for any amount of hypocrisy, but even hypocrisy is an ode to virtue. And I know that for ten thousand hypocrites, you would find millions of simple souls who find their solace from it. It is like scaffolding quite essential to a building."

Pierre: "But if I may carry the simile a little further, you agree that the scaffolding has to be removed when the building is complete?"

Gandhiji: "Yes, it would be removed when this body is removed."

Pierre: "Why?"

Wilkinson who was closely following the discourse said: "Because we are eternally building."

Gandhiji: "Because we are eternally striving after perfection. God alone is perfect, man is never perfect."

Source: Harijan, 25-5-1935

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Jai gurunath

Thought for the Day from

When your mind is enjoying peace with out any concerted effort, then you are in meditation. Even if you are making an effort to meditate, and yet not enjoying peace, then you are not really meditating.