Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thirumangai Ãzhwãr gives a big list about fruits of Namakirtan

Nama article - 3rd April 2007

Excerpts from discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Thirumangai Ãzhwãr sings,

"Kulam tharum, selvam thandidum,
adiyãr paduthuyar ãyinavellãm Nilantharam seiyyum,
neellvisumbarullum, arulodu perunilam allikkum
Valantharum matrum thandidum
pertra thãyinum ãyina seyyum
Nalam tharum sollai nãn kandukonden 'Nãrãyana' enum Nãmam!'

What will you get by chanting the Lord's Name (Nãmam) ? ALL! You will be blessed with everything. The Lord's Name will bestow you with good family, wealth; solve all your problems, take you to great heights, bestow you with heaven and confer on you all other good things. It will take care of you more than a mother.

'Nalam tharum' - You will be blessed with only what is good for you.

'Nalam tharum sollai nãn kandukonden Nãrãyana enum Nãmam'- I have realized the word that will bestow me auspiciousness and that is the Nãma (The Lord's Name)!"

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