Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bhagawan Nama Bodendra Swamigal on Nama offenders

Nama Article - 7th April 2007

Excerpts from the discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Bodendra swami, in His 'Bhagavan Nama rasodayam' says angrily, 'do you think it the Name of some Tom, Dick and Harry? It is verily the Name of the Lord of the Universe ('Jagadeeshwara's Name)!

Hey! Do you think that Rama, Krishna is the name of some loiters on the street!

It is verily the Name of the Supreme One - the one who creates, sustains and rests it in Himself.

It is verily the Name of that Supreme One ('Paramãtma')! If someone abuses or does 'artha vadam' of Bhagavan Nama go take a dip with your clothing on.

Do not have anything to do with such people.' In 'Bhagavan Nama Rasodayam' Bodendra swami deplores these offenders. He questions, 'is the Name of Vasudeva such a trivial thing?'

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