Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Swamiji

We have fallen into this gutter of a 'samsãra'. It is out of sheer compassion that they lean down to look at us. They tell us, "Oh! Child! You have fallen into this gutter. Let me help you out of it!"
But, what does the one inside say?

He says, "Oh! Swami! You desire to lift me out. But, what if you fall into it while trying to lift me out?"

This is because he is unable to develop faith in the Guru.

The Mahan says, "Don't you think that I value my life? If there were the risk of my falling down, would I offer to lift you up? I have the tapas to lift lakhs of such people. Do not worry on that account."

Now, the man in the ditch while believing in the strength of the Mahan begins to doubt the strength of the rope that is being thrown down to hold for climbing up.

The Mahan says, "Please look at the trademark of the rope! One should fear only a new path.

The path that is being shown is Nama Sankirtan –

It is by chanting only this that innumerable Mahans attained the highest state. This is the path that was followed by the Ãzhwãrs (the 12 ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu), the Nãyanmãrs (the 63 ardent devotees of Lord Siva), Thiagaraja Swami, Bodendral, etc. Innumerable Panduranga Bhaktas have attained the Lord through Nama japa and Nama kirtan. If I advocate a new path it should instill fear in you. But, innumerable Mahans have followed this. Therefore, hold on to it tight."

The man asks further, "Would you ask for 'dakshina' (fee) once I come up?"

The Mahan says, "The satisfaction of having helped you out will suffice. I need no other 'dakshina' other than your coming out of this!"

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