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Develop that love for Remembrance of God which the fish has for water

Nama Article 6th January 2013

Sant Kabir


सुमिरन की सुधि यों करो, जैसे कामी काम।

एक पलक न बीसरै, निस दिन आठों याम।।


सुमिरन की सुधि यों करो, ज्यों सुरभी सुत माँहि।

कह कबीर चारो चरत, बिसरत कबहूँ नाँहि।।


सुमिरन की सुधि यों करो, जैसे दाम कंगाल।

कह कबीर बिसरे नहीं, पल-पल लेत सम्हाल।।


सुमिरनसों मन लाइये, जैसे नाद कुरंग।

कह कबीर बिसरे नहीं, प्रान तजै तेहि संग।।


सुमिरनसों मन लाइये, जैसे दीप पतंग।

प्रान तजै छिन एक में, जरत न मोड़े अंग।।


सुमिरनसों मन लाइये, जैसे कीट भिरंग।

कबीर बिसारे आपको, होय जाये तेहि रंग।।


सुमिरनसों मन लाइये, जैसे पानी मीन।

प्रान तजै पल बीछड़े, संत कबीर कह दीन।।


Remember God in the same way as a lover remembers his lady love, who is never out of his mind even for a moment during the twenty four hours of a day.


Fix your mind on God even as a cow has its thoughts fixed on the calf even while grazing in the forest and does not forget it even for a moment.


Think of God in the same way as a pauper thinks of the few farthings he has scraped together, which he counts every now and then and forgets not even for a moment.


Merger your thoughts in the remembrance of God just as the deer is absorbed in hearing the music of the lute, so much so that it never withdraws its mind from it and dies with it.


Develop attachment for remembrance similar to that which the moth has for the flame (the moth which burns itself to death but does not shrink from hugging the fire.


Concentrate your thoughts on God just as the insect is absorbed in the thoughts of the bee, so much so that it loses its identity and is transformed into the bee through intensive meditation.


Develop that love for remembrance which the fish has for water (the fish which cannot be bear a moment's separation from water and dies without it).


Please check these: Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


You should attain such a stage that it is impossible for you to live without Him.


It is possible for everyone to see God.


If you want God alone, why do you accept the existence of anything else ?


Meditate God as a fish with out water leaves its life


It is not the count or time that matters. It is the intensity that matters.


So why not take to that alone and do it in an intense manner with complete faith, instead of confusing yourself with a multitude of practices?


Will the Lord appear to you at your sudden call? No. You must yearn for Him in your heart! It's enough If only you chant His name; At once your fetters will fall.


What We Think We Become


So, if one wants God, one's whole heart must be given to Him. The one sole objective of the devotee is to pray to Him, to take His Name and to dedicate his whole life to His service.


So also when an ignorant, bound and sorrow-stricken soul comes in contact with an illumined, liberated and all-blissful person, the former by such contact is fired with a zeal to become also like the latter.


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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