Thursday, July 15, 2010

I learnt that all activities should be for the benefit of others


"Once, a Maharaja named Yadhu, addressed an Avadootha Sanyasi, "Hey! Brahman! You do not strive to satisfy the demands of your senses. How did you attain this subtle state of consciousness?


The Avadootha Sanyasi said, "Hey! Maharaj! Through my intellect I have gained several Gurus in this world. From them I have learnt that there is no essence in this world and thus have killed all desires. Let me cite these Gurus to you. They are,




The vow of the Earth is forbearance. The earth is inhabited by innumerable things - Living and Non-living. The Earth bears all the atrocities committed on it by man and beast with much patience. I learnt forbearance from the Earth: that joy and sorrow are the consequences of our 'prarabhdha karma' and that all are bound by karma. Any obstacle in our path has to be borne calmly. This I learnt from the Earth. And from the mountain that is nothing but earth again, I learnt that all activities should be for the benefit of others. From the tree I learnt to live for others. It not only provides shade but also gives away the flowers, the fruits and its own bark.


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It flashed to this human mind of mine that this was the reason He had undergone that scathing pain the other night.


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