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If the fruit of the upadesa received from a Mahan could work into an inert thing what can it not bestow on one who does japa of it?

Nama Article 21st March 2013

Source : Guru Mahima


Kabir das had a son by name Kamaal. Kamaal once went to Pandaripur. A Sethji who lived there requested for and received Rama Nama upadesa from Kamaal. In return he gave a diamond to Kamaal. Kamaal returned home to Varanasi and showed the diamond to his father.


Kabir das asked, "Where did you find this?"


Kamaal explained what had happened at Pandaripur. Kabir das beat him black and blue and cried out, "You have sold Rama Nama for a price! Is it for this that you have taken birth as my son? Go back to Pandarpur and throw the diamond back at that man's face."


Kamaal shivered from head to foot. Kabir das also ordered him to bring back the Rama Nama that he had given to the Sethji! Kamaal went to Pandaripur, searched for the Sethji and returned the diamond to him. He then said, "Give back the Rama Nama upadesa that I had given you."


Kamaal said, "The upadesa that I have done is no ordinary one. It has gone deep into you. I will illustrate it to you."


Kamaal then pointed out to a rock nearby and said, "Say 'let the Rama Nama updesa received from Kamaal come out' and spit on this rock." "


When the Sethiji did as bid, the rock jumped about with the sound 'Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama!' for a whole day!


If the fruit of the upadesa received from a Mahan could work into an inert thing what can it not bestow on one who does japa of it? Sankara, in his commentary on one of the Upanishads, says, 'having attained birth as a human being and received upadesa from a genuine Guru if a man does incessant japa of it, without lethargy, he would have the fourteen worlds in his control.'


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What does this Lord's Name that is got through Guru Upadesa, do?


Mahamantra can be chanted anytime, anywhere and by anyone. However it gives multi-fold benefits if chanted after initiation from a Guru.


Likewise, when a person, however impure he may be, when touched by the initiation of a Guru, he is purified.


Do not give up chanting of any Naama of Bhagavaan that you have been chanting on your own. This will certainly lead you to a Sadguru who will give 'upadesa' (initiation) of a Mantra


For the un-initiated, it is important to be initiated. However, you do not need to wait until you get initiated by a proper Guru


Sathguru threw the arrow of God's name aiming the disciple with full force. That pierced the disciple in such a way that the forest fire of knowledge and separation from God flamed up in which all sensualities have been burnt in to ashes


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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