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‘Pandăr viraliun maithunan per pădach’ - “We wish to do Năma Sankirtan.

Nama Article 2nd January 2015

ஆண்டாள் நாச்சியார் அருளிச்செய்த திருப்பாவை

உந்து மத களிற்றன் ஓடாத தோள் வலியன்

     நந்தகோபாலன் மருமகளே! நப்பின்னாய்!

கந்தம் கமழும் குழலீ! கடைதிறவாய்

     வந்தெங்கும் கோழி அழைத்தன காண்! மாதவிப்

பந்தல் மேல் பல்கால் குயில் இனங்கள் கூவின காண்

     பந்தார் விரலி! உன் மைத்துனன் பேர் பாட

செந்தாமரைக் கையால் சீரார் வளையொலிப்ப

     வந்து திறவாய் மகிழ்ந்து ஏல் ஓர் எம்பாவாய்

Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji on ThiruppAvai

'Pandăr viraliun maithunan per pădach' - "We wish to do Năma Sankirtan. Just as there is a group to support the victorious side there is one to support the defeated side, too! Nappinai, do you know who has earned our support? You, it is you who has our support. We support the victorious side. This morning our Năma Sankirtan will be different. We will not sing 'Oh! Kesava! Madhava!' but sing 'Oh! the defeated Krishna!" just to please you! Come! Open the door. This is an opportunity we will make full use of. We will all get together and tease the defeated Krishna. Come! Join us." - 'Pandăr viraliun maithunan per păda'

'cheerăr vallaiyolippa vandutiravăi' - "Come and open the door with the jingling sound of the bangles, the toe-rings and the noopur on the feet."

'Magizhndelo rembăvăi' - "We will all enjoy together."

Why is this păsuram very close to Ramanuja's heart? Ramanuja had six Ăcchăryăs. Of these, one was Perianambi. We have already spoken of Kacchaiappanambi. Of these six Ăcchăryăs, Ramanuja showed the highest importance ('pradănam') to Perianambi. Ramanuja visited Perianambi every morning to offer his pranăms. Ramanuja, as we have already seen, sang Thiruppăvai every day. And on this day it so happened that he was singing this with deep bhăva. Perianambi had a little daughter by name Athuzhăi. She was five years old and was a very beautiful looking child. On this day, she was, as usual, beautifully dressed up.

When Ramanuja knocked at the Ăcchărya's doors this little girl came running 'chal chal' - the jingling sound of the anklets on the feet and bangles on the hands - to the door to see who was knocking at it. As soon as she opened them, Ramanuja fell in a swoon! The frightened child ran inside and reported to her father, "Father, 'Anna' (brother-the child always addressed Ramanuja as brother) seems to have come for Bhikshai. As soon as I opened the door he fell in a swoon!" Sadhus possess 'Eka hrdaya' (hearts that entertain the same feelings). Perianambi at once guessed what indeed must have happened. Ramanuja must have come singing Thiruppăvai. He must have come singing the păsuram 'Undu madakallitrran' (18th păsuram) in deep bhăva, and as he reached their doors he must have been singing the line 'chendămaraikkaiyăl cheerăr valaiyolippa' (describing Nappinai) that means 'the tender red tinged palms, the jingling sound of the bangles'. And the little girl who opened the doors fitted the description. On seeing the Nappinai like child Ramanuja must have swooned. The child was beautifully dressed and seemed 'suchiruchi' (endearing) like Nappinai that Ramanuja mistook her to be Nappinai herself! Ramanuja, therefore, fell in a swoon!

'Chendămaraikkaiyăl cheerăr vallaiyolippa

Vandu tiravăi, maghizhndelo rembăvăi', The Teacher asks Ramanuja when he regains consciousness, "Undu madakallitrran anusanthănamo? (Were you singing 'Undu madakallitrran'?) Nappinaiyo?(Was it Nappinai?)" and comforts and sends him back."

Thus, today's Păsuram is a special păsuram of Ramanuja. "

Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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