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The power of the Divine Name is invincible. It can convert pain into joy. It can change death into immortality.

Nama Article 29th December 2012

Source: The Vision



The difficulty with some is that they cannot repeat the Name continuously although they desire to do so. The reason for this is that their love for the Name is not greater than their love for the perishable objects of the world. It is a psychological truth that our mind thinks most of the object which we love most, because, our concentrated love inevitably influences the mind to remember that object. So also, if our mind is fired with an intense love for the Name, this love will automatically enable us to remember the Name constantly. When this love is lukewarm and unsteady, our remembrance of the Name will correspondingly become unsteady and broken.


When the necessary intensity of love for the Name is present, our mind will dwell uninterruptedly on the Name. As an example, we find in a household that the mother loves her youngest child most, and even when the child is in its cradle beyond the sight of the mother, she will not fail to keep up a sustained remembrance of the baby. What does make the mother thus keep up a stream of remembrance of the baby? We have to admit that it is her concentrated love for the baby.


Similarly, if we love God beyond everything else in the world, this love will automatically maintain in our mind a continuous flow of God-remembrance. The Name of God will start on our tongue spontaneously and will run on it continuously. Further, the sweet sound issuing from the utterance of the Name will prove to be a veritable nectar to the attentive ear. When thus the mind is inebriated, as it were, with the love of God and filled with the music of His Name, all its desires will be transmuted into Divine waves of ecstasy, and all the movements of the senses will be saturated with the same joy. In this state, vision of God will flash out through our eyes raising us to the supreme status of universal vision. This is the ineffable summit of Divine union and revelation.


Really blessed is the soul who keeps the Divine Name always on his lips. A saint has rightly said that the devotee who is thus blessed is really a Jivanmukta or a liberated soul. Where the Divine thought ceaselessly dwells, there the ego-sense is absent, there selfsurrender is complete, there the vision of God everywhere is attained.


The power of the Divine Name is invincible. It can convert pain into joy. It can change death into immortality. Nay, it can transform our entire life into the very being and consciousness of the all-pervading and all-inclusive God-head.



Please check these: Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Only in the company of Sadhus is 'premai' experienced in one's heart.


So also when an ignorant, bound and sorrow-stricken soul comes in contact with an illumined, liberated and all-blissful person, the former by such contact is fired with a zeal to become also like the latter.


To associate oneself in Satsang (being in the company of Holy persons) brings detachment towards worldly pursuits. Chant the Divine Name Govinda


The intention of continued chanting of the Divine names is to take one to the state of total selfless, unconditional LOVE


I can worship God, but how can I love LORD KRISHNA? You can love Him if you understand that Sri Krishna is pure love and love alone.


Mechanical chanting is the only starting point we can attempt. It matures to love by grace.




God gives whatever is required (by His devotee), removes whatever is not needed, leads the devotee in the path suited to him/her; Since Bhagavãn takes utmost interest in the devotee's needs the latter will not earn/attain any 'siddhi'


What is there in this world that devotion to the Lord cannot do?


By repeatedly chanting the Divine Name of Lord Hari, one attains all siddhis (powers). When Lord, the Consort of Goddess Shridevi, and the Lord of the world, is pleased, what remains an impossibility on this earth?


Repetition of Name will create Love. Hari will be yours when you attain Love


'Similarly, my friend,' the master says, 'you can sit like that forever, but you'll never be meditating or understanding truth.'


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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