Sunday, July 15, 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – 15th July 2007

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – 15 th July 2007


None would want to keep a flower that has been laid on a dead body. It is shunned away as bad. The same flower when given as a bouquet on a social occasion, though enjoyed momentarily, is thrown away once it dries up. However even a withered flower that was offered at the Holy Feet of God is cherished and treasured by all as prasadam- a blessing from the Almighty.


Likewise, the purpose of human life is attainment of God-realization. If life is spent in satiation of one's vices like gambling and drinking, it is totally wasted and bad. If one's life is spent fulfillment of one's own needs and that of his family and friends, it is neither useful nor futile. If one spends his life in pursuit of God-realization, not only is he using it for the right purpose, but he is worshipped by all, like the flower offered at God's Holy Feet.


It is the association and purpose that defines the worthiness of an entity, not the entity itself.


----       Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


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