Friday, July 6, 2007

‘Name is everything’ and ‘Name is nothing’

Nama Article 7th June 2007

Source: Drops From The Ocean

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the incomparable siddha purusha, narrated a page from his own life history. 'My master, Swami Ramdas, emphasised that everything is in the Name. When I read J. Krishnamurti with equal reverence and interest, I found that he said there is nothing in the Name. I was perplexed with these two differing and diametrically opposite statements. I also knew that both these utterances came from great masters. But by now, Swami Ramdas had passed away.

So, I sought Krishnaji to get this clarified. I went to Madras . But Krishnaji had gone to Rishi Valley. I went there. I could not meet him. He then went to Bombay. I followed him. There also, I could not meet him. He returned to Madras. I too, relentlessly followed. I was keen to get my doubt cleared by this living master. In Madras, I was told I could not meet him.

Early one morning, I waited in the garden of Vasant Vihar, where he was residing, hoping that he would come down and meet me. What happened after that, I can't describe as dream, vision or reality! But this is what happened. Krishnaji came straight to me. I prostrated fully before him. After some time, he lifted me up affectionately and put both his hands on my shoulders tenderly. I could not speak a single word as I was in a state of spiritual awe, physical wonder and mental exhilaration! He said in his ever-sweet voice, 'Both of us say the same thing!' I was in ecstasy. My doubt was eradicated.

Yes! Both the statements, 'Name is everything' and 'Name is nothing', convey in essence, the same Truth. Purna, total Presence, and sunya, total Absence mean exactly the same, single, indivisible Oneness!'

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