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The result was that God gave him Satsang, because in the company of saints it was easy to remember God.

Nama Article 2nd November 2014


Swami Papa Ramdas


Remembrance Comes By Grace:


God's remembrance can come to our mind only through His grace. Otherwise, how can we remember Him? There are so many who are striving, but His grace has not come to them. They are like fish out of water, pining and pining for Him. When God's grace comes, the stream of remembrance flows into their mind continuously, and everything necessary is done to maintain the remembrance. The remembrance must be unbroken like a "Thaila Dhara", which means the flow of oil. When oil is poured from one vessel to another, you see it flows unbroken. The moment there is a break in the remembrance of God, at once the ego-sense takes possession of us and darkness sets in.


Ramdas was praying to God: "O God, keep your remembrance in my mind ceaselessly." The result was that God gave him Satsang, because in the company of saints it was easy to remember God. He also got such food as was conducive to keep him awake all night, because sleep depends mainly upon the food we take. God made him take only a very small quantity of food. Every minute Ramdas was in a state of fear lest he should forget Him any time. He ran into solitude for the purpose. Company of worldly-minded men was not conducive to remembrance of God.


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Just like a cool shade which soothes someone who has walked a long distance under the sun, those beings who have been attacked by the sorrows of the world frequent such Mahãns


The rarest of the rare is getting a Uttama Guru. When you have a Guru, you can peacefully rest.


How does a Sadhu argues the case of ordinary persons with the Lord?


It is the Guru who shows that way, and the gratitude shown to such a Guru is Guru Bhakti


How to show our gratitude to our Guru?


The only act a true devotee can do is to chant Nama to express the gratitude to the Guru for the grace showered on the devotee.


To associate oneself in Satsang (being in the company of Holy persons) brings detachment towards worldly pursuits.


Satsang is the confluence of the Triveni* of the Lord, the Devotee and the Name.


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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