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If you keep chanting Bhagavan Năma, She ('Prithvi') will not consider you a burden. 'Nirbhayo nirbaro'. The world should not be a burden to you and you should not be a burden to anyone.

Nama Article 29th November 2013


Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


'Nirbhayo nirbaro' -Do not be a burden to anyone in this world. You should not be a burden even to 'Prithvi' (Earth). When do you cease to be a burden to 'Prithvi'? If you keep doing 'Ătma Vichăra' (Self-enquiry), then you are not a burden to 'Prithvi'. If you keep chanting Bhagavan Năma, She ('Prithvi') will not consider you a burden. 'Nirbhayo nirbaro'. So, do not be a burden to anyone. The world should not be a burden to you and you should not be a burden to anyone. When is the world a burden to you? When we involve ourselves in this world - when we go about doing 'vyavahăra' (work) with our 'manas' we get fed up with all the happenings. We feel, "Enough of this world, this life!" But, if we move inward joyfully, then nothing affects us. Let the world be. The existence or non-existence of the world should not affect us. We should, therefore, bring that state where we are able to live in this world without being connected with it in anyway.


This is the reason Mahăns sing, "Janmani Janmani" - birth after birth! They do not fear birth because the world does not affect them as it affects us. When the Mahăns move about in the world, they eat, sleep, talk with us and do all the other things that we do. Outwardly there does not appear to be any difference between their lives and ours. But, if a person could understand the visions that they have, their other experiences ('anubhav'), their 'stiti' (state), he would be aghast as to how these Mahăns move about so easily in this world! People speak of the seven wonders of the world. But, these are not the real wonders. The real wonder is the way Mahăns wander about in this world, in spite of their high state! Seshădri swamigal could see devas above. The state of Mahans is entirely different; incomprehensible. If we read Maha Periyava's life, we find lot of 'pramăna' (proof) for 'amănushya' (super human) experiences that he had undergone. They can see devas, the 'ashta vasus', etc. Not only do they have the power to visit Vaikunta but also the power to send those who desire it! Is it then not a wonder that while being in such high state they remain and mix with everyone in the world?


Once Yogi (Yogi Rămsuratkumăr) while speaking to his devotees, said, "If this beggar desires he can make this whole Universe into a small clay ball and put it in his pocket!" This great Yogi had the power to destroy and again create this big Universe! But, they possess one great quality - 'Karuna' (compassion). It is only because of this that they wander about in this 'jana samudra' (ocean of people). What does their presence in the world do (to us)? It helps in motivating us to get away from this cycle of repeated births and deaths and yearn for 'Ătma swaroopa/Bhagavăn'. Their 'darshan' and 'sanga' (company) help us in attaining liberation quickly. Depending on his maturity, every person who comes to the presence of the Mahătmas receives opportunity to attain liberation.


What a lot of 'anubhava' they have! Ramana Maharishi goes on Giri Pradakshina (circumambulation of the Arunăchala hill). From high up, the six 'Krithika' stars come down and prostrate to him! Văsudeva Thatha's charitra shows that he experienced all that have been said in 'Vaikunta gathyam'! He goes to Sri Vaikunta in this physical body. A chariot comes down to take him. He places his foot on the head of none less than the God of Death (Lord Yama) to climb on the chariot! It carries him across 'Surya mandala', 'Chandra mandala' and other 'lokăs' to reach Sri Vaikunta. He then returns to the earth ('bhoomi'). This 'bhoomi' is filled with avarice, hatred, jealousy, etc. How is this body of ours? Filled with excreta, blood, flesh and bones. How is the earth? Bhooma Devi has been made impure by 'mala moothrădi' (filth). Deva Lokăs are pure. There is no 'mala moothrădi' there. Devas do not experience death, hunger and sleep. Here, the earth, the body, the people - are all impure. Why then do Mahăns step on to this totally impure, filthy earth? Only out of sheer compassion ('Parama karunai')! To redeem ('udhdhărana') each and every jiva! Talking with us or helping us out of any problem is only a part of this and not the real purpose of their incarnation here.


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Yogi replied, 'No No! This beggar is not capable of doing any miracles. Only Ram Naam is doing miracles!'


Being aware of the glory of Rama Năma, our Bhagavăn Yogiramsuratkumar performed incessant chanting of 'Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram!' As a result of this how many miracles have been performed by him?


"No, he is not a magician. He is Lord Krishna come down in this age of Kali to uplift people. Chanting the Mahamantra, shown by him, can work wonders!"


One who has taken refuge in God's Divine Name can perform several miracles. He can defeat nature's 'shakti' (power) and can create spiritual awakening in the minds of human beings.


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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