Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hereafter, the Divine Name Rama is my only companion, nothing else.


Meerabai's Song


अब तो मेरा राम नाम दूसरा न कोई॥

माता छोडी पिता छोडे छोडे सगा भाई।

साधु संग बैठ बैठ लोक लाज खोई॥

सतं देख दौड आईजगत देख रोई।

प्रेम आंसु डार डारअमर बेल बोई॥

मारग में तारग मिलेसंत राम दोई।

संत सदा शीश राखूंराम हृदय होई॥

अंत में से तंत काढयोपीछे रही सोई।

राणे भेज्या विष का प्यालापीवत मस्त होई॥

अब तो बात फैल गईजानै सब कोई।

दास मीरा लाल गिरधरहोनी हो सो होई॥


Hereafter, the Divine Name Rama is my only companion, nothing else.

I have renounced all my close relatives like father, mother and brother.

Now I keep the company of saints day and night. I do not care about any gossip this generates.

My heart rejoices at the sight of a saint but feels dejected with the worldly people.

I am in deep love with the Lord to whom I offer a necklace of pearls .... tears of Love and Joy.

Along the way, I come across many saints who bless me with a vision for Spirituality.

I bow to them with gratitude .... after all they are the ones through whom I connect to Lord Krishna.

I now conclude that surrendering to real saints (i.e. the Lord) is my destination. It is no longer necessary to wander from place to place for happiness .... all I need to do is to settle down at one place, relax and enjoy my life as directed by the Lord. Even though, I do not bother anyone, the materialistic world continues to place hurdles on me. However, nothing deters me anymore. I am more and more absorbed in my own Self. (Rana sent some poison so she could end her life and stop being an embarrassment to the family. With full knowledge that the drink was life-threatening, she consumed it without any hesitation. Surprisingly, nothing happened to her. This reinforced her conviction in what she was doing, i.e. surrendering to the Lord.)

The matter of my spiritual passion is no longer a secret. Everyone knows that I am devoted to serve my master, Lord Giridhari without any fear of consequences.

I no longer care of what others talk about me .... I am sure that my path leads to the Ultimate.


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Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 
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